Time is of essence in the fast paced society we live in. People are constantly working, maintaining a social life, while trying to spend time with loved ones.  In a world where we are constantly outputting energy and feeling depleted the next day, we felt that the market lacked a natural functional beverage that could replenish energy from the core, while not taking a toll on the body.


In 2018, we brought our concept of combining natural juice and natural herbal extracts to Shanghai’s “Google's Techstars-Start Up Weekend for Food Technology & Innovation” and was awarded a top-three nomination. 


Following the recognition, we spent two years of research and development, repeatedly testing and researching on flavor blending, herbal essence screening and packaging design. We were also able to adapt a patented food technology to the product, allowing us to achieve a speedy absorbative drink, while tasting great!


Today, Passion 24 is an emerging brand and uses juice and high-quality plant extracts as key ingredients to promote energy level, body metabolism and hangover prevention. 


Whether for work, social events, or sports performance, Passion 24 can be used 24/7 without burdening the body. We aspire to make daily health & wellness a much easier experience, and look forward to sharing our innovation with the world.